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Business of Humanity® and Nupharo Park Conference

"Energizing" Low-Income Communities
The Promise of DC Technology

Prague, Czech Republic
October 4 – 5, 2013

This conference addressed the challenge of bringing the advantages of Direct Current (DC) technology to urban low-income housing and middle-class homes in developed and emerging economies with an eye on promoting jobs and economic development. The overall project vision of this conference was to address the question of how we could create a transnational alliance that can enable and accelerate the use of efficient and green DC technology in Pittsburgh, Prague and communities across the world.

The almost 80 participants at the conference were divided into four working groups: 1) DC Power Generation; 2) Designing the DC-Powered Home; 3) Implementation Strategy and 4) Economic Development & Jobs. After the working group sessions, each group presented the results of their discussions. It was determined that the conference deliberations will lead to a series of ‘white papers’ for each of these working groups that will, in turn, serve as project road-maps in the realization of the project vision.

List of Conference Participants

1AmatucciFrancesSlippery Rock University of Pennsylvania
2AzizAzizanCarnegie Mellon University
3BarronMatthewPittsburgh City Council, Office of William Peduto
4BauerPavolTechnical University of Delft
6BidandaBopayaUniversity of Pittsburgh
7BlairAndy University of Pittsburgh
9BraunDanMinistry of Regional Development
10BronderKristyUniversity of Pittsburgh
12CamillusJohnUniversity of Pittsburgh
13Chandra MohanNadelia Journalist and Columnist
14ChatterjeeRabikarUniversity of Pittsburgh
16DelaneyJohn University of Pittsburgh
17DixonJonUNIVERSAL Electric Corporation
18DostálAlešSchneider Electric
19DostálMartinSchneider Electric
20FewW. TimothyEdinboro University
22GirstlovaOlga CMAPM
23GoossenIvana University of Pittsburgh, EMBA Worldwide, Prague
24HarperPaulUniversity of Pittsburgh
25HavlikPetr IBM Central & Eastern Europe
26JechRobertDNV GL
27JhunjhunwalaAshokIIT Madras
29KantaAntonínPDM Group a.s.
32KleinMilošDimension Data
34KozákPetrK & V ELEKTRO, a.s.
35KralovaAlice University of Pittsburgh, EMBA Worldwide, Prague
36KrausJanKMB Systems
37Křižanovský PavelCisco
39LekseWilliamUniversity of Pittsburgh
40LipinskiJohnMiddle Tennessee State University
41LugschZbyszekDimension Data Czech Republic, a.s.
42MadhavanRaviUniversity of Pittsburgh
44MartinsonTimStarline DC Solutions
47MinutoloMarcelRobert Morris University
49OliphantAradhnaLeadership Pittsburgh, Inc.
50OliphantGrant Pittsburgh Foundation
51PedutoWilliamPittsburgh City Council
53Renč JosefNupharo
54RossStevenUniversal Electric Corporation
56RůžičkaPetrCzech Invest
58SahniKannuUniversity of Pittsburgh
59ShahBhupendraNarottam Lalbhai Rural Development Fund
61SonnenbergBJEmerson Network Power
63StokmanHarryDirect Current BV
64SzurmanMichalCzech Invest
65SonkaPavelThe Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic
66SpinarPetrSchneider Electric
67TeleoglouSpirosIBM Corp
68TůmaZdeněkPrague Townhall
69UrbanTomášDNV GL
70van WijkAdTechnical University of Delft
71VaňkováHelenaK&VElektro a.s.
74Vorp, PhDDavidUniversity of Pittsburgh
75VostrackýZdeněkZCU (West Bohemian University)
76Wallace, Jr.JohnUniversity of Pittsburgh
78ZupančičBorisPhilips Lighting

Conference Photos

Please check out the conference photos on Flickr. These photos were taken on October 3, 2013 at Cowboys Steaks & Cocktails restaurant and on October 4-5, 2013 at the Boscolo Prague hotel in Prague, Czech Republic.

Conference Videos

Conference Contact:
Ms. Kristy Bronder
Program Manager
Business of Humanity® Project
Katz Graduate School of Business
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

+1 412 624 4418

Conference Conveners:

Dr. Bopaya Bidanda
Ernest Roth Professor and Chairman
Industrial Engineering Department
Swanson School of Engineering
University of Pittsburgh
+1 412 624 9830
Dr. John Camillus
Donald R, Beall Professor of Strategic Management
Katz Graduate School of Business
University of Pittsburgh
+1 412 648 1599
Dr. Jana Ryslinkova
US Business School, Praha and
Board Member, Nupharo Park
+ 420 222 316 960

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