Ready, Set, Click — The Katz Blended Online MBA is Here

Bill Valenta, Assistant Dean of MBA and Executive Programs

Bill Valenta, Assistant Dean of MBA and Executive Programs

The questions have come from near and far, in person, by telephone, and by email. When will we offer online courses for graduate business students? Well, I am very happy to inform you that the answer is right now! If you want an MBA from Katz, and the only thing holding you back was the frequent travel to Oakland, you can now remove that as a reason for not joining our world-class MBA program.

This spring term, we completed our first two pilot courses in our Professional MBA program: Information Systems and Investment Banking and Venture Capital. We’re currently developing multiple core courses for the fall 2017 term — so much so, in fact, that if you were to begin the program then, you could conceivably take every course required to graduate in our blended online format. That is because we are continually adding courses and will have all courses available in a blended online format by 2019.

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Writing to Speak: My Transformation into a Confident Speaker

Sandra Douglas, MBA, PMP, Director, Specialized MS Programs

Imagine a 12-year-old girl with her head in the clouds, full of ideas and stories and visions of the future. As you might expect, she read lots of books and she dreamed of writing her own. But along the way, she learned a few things about speaking to groups and would like to share them with you.

My first experience speaking to a large group happened, ironically, at a writing conference. My English teacher selected a few students to attend a “young writer’s conference” at a college in a big city. I was honored and excited. The program included workshops on various aspects of creative writing; it was thrilling to learn everything from how to frame my narrative to how to bind my own book.

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Experience Based Learning

Thomas Keller, Director of Admissions

There are so many masters’ programs around the world that offer world class faculty, beautiful classrooms, and challenging courses. One place students may not focus on in their quest for a business school is their out of the classroom experience. Experience based learning, extra-curricular activities, or independent learning; whatever you’d like to call it, it is a crucial part of a business degree in the modern world. But how can you tell what experiences are worth it as a student? What types of programming will really help you nail that deal in the boardroom and even that promotion. In this article, we will take a look at the different types of out of classroom learning that can really make a difference in a business degree.

Real World Experience

Nothing compares to actually being faced with a dilemma that you have to problem solve in the moment. Students should search for experiences where they are forced to step out of their comfort zone and make decisions. Business school is the place to fail and then learn from the experience and make changes. Whether taking risks in an internships, a field project with a company, or a case competition, all are great ways to have real world exposure with the safety net of B-school.

International Exposure

The world is getting smaller by the minute with the technologies of today and travel becoming easier. It is vital that we start to understand the business world on a global scale in order to do business in many markets. Studying abroad for a semester or taking an international business practicum are important ways to help your out of the classroom resume but also help you experience the world in a completely new way.

Team Training

Though you may be held accountable as an individual, you will be working on teams to solve problems after graduation. It is important to understand team dynamics and your own leadership style within a group setting. Programs that foster collaboration will help you to prepare for these real life situations but also to learn about yourself and a teammate and a leader.

These are just some of the ways to make sure you are getting the most out of your business school experience even when you are not in the classroom. Make sure to ask questions about the professional and personal development opportunities within your program.


Innovative Student Campaign Targets Elusive Millennial Market

Bob Gilbert

Faculty member Bob Gilbert

This semester, a group of Pitt Business marketing students are racing against the academic clock as they compete in a nationwide contest, the Acura ILX Marketing Challenge 2016.

The undergraduate team, called “Pros in Motion,” is competing with 20 other prominent universities to develop and implement an integrated marketing communications campaign for Acura’s ILX model.

In this class, the students shift their focus from “getting an A” to winning a nationwide competition. The class, called ‘Projects in Marketing’ organizes students into a working marketing agency, with four key departments:  Campaign Strategy, Public Relations, Advertising and Research. As their campaign progresses, students learn the value of cross-functional teamwork in addition to the specialized skills required in each department.

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