Dr. Atkin’s Letters Home: The Sydney Night Noodle Market

Faculty Member Bob Atkin

Faculty Member Bob Atkin is currently in Sydney teaching at the Pitt Business Global Business Institute.

So this is my first blog ever, so please excuse me if I sound like a newbie!

Do you like noodles? I do. All sorts of noodles. Especially pasta. And pasta in all forms, because somehow the same basic ingredients, flour and water, taste different because some are, say, linguine and others shells. Who knows why?

But noodles are also central to many Asian cuisines, and Sydney has just the venue to show off Asian noodles and their kindred form, Asian dumplings and buns.

Enter, the Night Noodle Market.

noodle marketIngredients? Start with half a mid-city park, mix warm spring evenings (we’re south of the equator here folks, kinda’ like April-going-into-May for you) with 50+ noodle and dumpling and bun vendors, add a gelato stand or two, toss in a food-crazed city, and you’ve got this bizarre celebration of the Night Noodle Market.

The Market happens once a year, for two weeks, in the middle of Sydney’s food month (and in the middle of the fall term). That’s right: Sydney has a food MONTH! Continue reading